Guest Speakers

Peter Wiltshire – Darebin Park Ranger

Peter Wiltshire and Rona McLaughlan

Our guest speaker tonight was Peter Wiltshire who is the Darebin Creek Ranger who spoke about some nasty secrets. He has been a ranger for over 40 years and working at Darebin Creek Park for 30 of those years. The original aboriginal elders from the Waurundjeri-willam people (Jika-Jika) signed two treaties with John Batman in…

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DG Brian Peters Visit

Gail welcomed DG Brian Peters who spoke about returned Youth Exchange Students 16- early 20’s briefly but mentioned Tiana Lacey was to explain more about it later. Brian spoke about how Rotary Connects the World. On End Polio Now which started in 1985, now $1.2 billion people have been immunised. 53 cases  of polio have…

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Alan Flint – Surrounded by Money

Alan Flint

Rona McLaughlan chairman for the night introduced our speaker, Alan Flint. Alan’s commercial life started off as a paper boy in 1954 with happy recollections of the first colour edition of the Argus. Following completion of his secondary education at Brighton Tech, Alan joined the Commonwealth Bank at an annual salary of £750.0.0. Various transfers…

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Angel Flight Guest Speakers

Reg Shiel & Warren Sparrow Chairman Don Hamilton introduced our visiting Angels, Reg Shiel and Warren Sparrow. Angel Flights is a volunteer-based, Not-for-Profit charity providing free aerial transport to and from hospitals in the capital cities for patients when medical intervention will not be required. Their objective is not only to provide transport but also…

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DG Malcolm Kerr

Malcolm Kerr DG district 9790

DG Malcolm Kerr spoke tonight on the RI Theme “Be the Inspiration”. A member of the Rotary Club of Cobram since 2002, Malcolm came from a rural and teaching background. Developing the Theme, he observed that the skill of Rotary was to blend a group of individuals into a working team. The Rotary team needed…

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Matthew Grounds

Matthew Grounds Expression audiology

Our speaker for our meeting on 29 August 2018 was Matthew Grounds from Expression Audiology, who delivered a comprehensive talk on types of hearing loss and treatment options. Matthew began by explaining that hearing loss occurs gradually and is either noise induced, or age related, and hereditary factors will influence this. At its onset, people…

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Greg Paull Talks about Diamond Creek Rotary Hay Project

Greg Paull from Diamond Creek rotary

Visiting Rotarian Greg Paull from Diamond Creek Rotary spoke about how his club was proud to be able to assist the farmers in a small way. Having purchased the hay in Victoria, today it is making its way to Hermidale, near Cobar in outback New South Wales. Farmer Rhett Wells and his 8.5 month pregnant wife…

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Jodie Burns – Big Group Hug

Jodie Burns Big Group Hug

Tonights speaker was Jodie Burns from “Big Group Hug”. Big Group Hug was formed in a lounge room about 4 years ago after a high chair was left on the nature strip. Angela Woods from Big Group Hug cleaned it and asked the local Maternal Health Centre if they could use it. This started a…

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Speaking on Technology Today

Florin Pintilie

Florin Pintillie was our guest speaker this week. Florin began his presentation with some slides about technology and its advances. Focusing on computing power and the amount of data we can store. No floppies anymore. Being able to have video calls when only 20 years ago, this was not possible. Fast computers, more storage. Information…

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David Dyson – You & Your Future

David Dyson Financial Planner and Accountant

A business degree graduate from 1984, David spoke both from his accountancy and financial  planning  backgrounds  with the added authority that he was the  2016 Financial Planner of the Year awardee from the Charter Financial Group. How much do you need by way of super in retirement? It all depends on the lifestyle you seek…

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