Community Service Report 2018-2019


Chair: Chris Bence/Glenda Coswello, Chris Hopkins, Stan Gorr, Rona McLaughlan, Yevonne Pollock.

In the last two years we have developed a relationship with the Rosanna Fire Station Community House to help them with a few projects. We hope to expand those relationships with other groups such as Bedford HiCity,  Alice House, Br. Harry Prout and others. To be able to assist where we can in our own community is what we are about.

Mini Library - At the RFSCH centre, another project was to construct a Mini Library to be placed into the garden at the front of the building for local people to take a book and leave a book. This was constructed by the Eltham Men’s Shed and Cr. Tom Melican from Banyule Council attended to launch the opening with lunch provided by our club. Attending were Merle Maunder (President) Glenda Coswello-McCracken (Community Chair), Chris Hopkins (Treasurer), Don Hamilton (Membership) who had the hardest part of digging the hole for the foundation and Noel Henry (International & Foundation). A plaque was attached and an item in the local newspaper appeared.

Shed at RFSCH - An ongoing project from the previous year was the installation of a shed and shelving at RFSCH to store items for the children's play area. Thanks for Chris Hopkins and Chris Bence for the work on this project.

Front Fence Paint Removal - We have finally come up with a solution for the brick wall at the front of the building after trying graffiti remover and sanding and that was paint over the tiles ready with their new signage.

Training at RFSCH – Our club through Glenda Coswello-McCracken has donated around $800 to the community house for How to Build A Website training to students who have a business and need their own website or to create employment in the community by starting their own Web Design business. All fees charged to the client went back to the RFSCH.

Also we are maintaining their website which would save the house around $500 per year.

Kitchen at RSFCH - After much talk about the Rosanna Fire Station Community House, the centre revised their plans and placed them on hold until it can be further assessed at what they actually need.

Lawn Mowers for Bedford HiCity Community Group - Two lawn mowers were donated at a value of just over $2,000 to enable the employees of the group to continue working on outside gardening projects to help raise income for their not for profit group.

Christmas Hampers - Members of our Club donated approx. 90 bags of foods items and Christmas goodies to Alice House and these were distributed by Br. Harry to families within the West Heidelberg area.

Football Tipping - The football tipping competition was again supported by members and friends and we were able to distribute $900 each to Men's Prostate Foundation of Australia and Women’s Cancer Foundation.

Uniform & Books Project

We have committed $2000 to this project to assist disadvantaged children to have school uniforms and also to provide them with school books. This project is managed by Br. Harry.

Housing Initiative Heidelberg West

We have committed $1,500 to this project for air conditioning in one of the homes.  This project is managed by Br. Harry Prout.

I would like to thank the committee members for their contribution to the projects completed, and also to other members who have assisted us over the year. We want to keep on promoting the Rotary Club of Rosanna within our own community for many years to come.

Glenda Coswello-McCracken
Community Services Director


Community Service Report 2016-2017

Rosanna Rotary Club has once again shown that we are capable of providing good service when needed despite our dwindling number of members.

This year it was all hands on activities from Car parking at the Diamond Valley Walk for Life in support of cancer research.
We supported the Rosanna Fair with 9 members duties included monitoring activities and keeping the fair safe for all.

Christmas time we played Father Christmas for three Days at Rosanna. Christmas Hampers where delivered to Brother Harry at the Exodus Foundation. The Alice House gardening group requested more Equipment to service their expanding gardening activity. We provided a new Lawn Mower Brush Cutter and Garden Bench and Seats for 8 people.

Brother Harry Proust has taken delivery of a lawn mower and brush cutter donated by the Rotary Club. The lawn mowing business has become very successful with many permanent jobs and some of the workers getting employment as gardeners. Brother Harry has purchased a new table for $750 which was needed for the Exodus Community Charity lunches. There will be a request to the Rosanna Rotary Board from the Community Chair for Brother Harry to be reimbursed for that cost. Investigating funds to support Prostate Cancer and the Health Care Centre at Olympic Village with materials and equipment.

A donation of $2500.00 to the Banyule Community Health provided the funds to purchase Educational Toys.

Fund raising was not very successful as most projects were either cancelled or postponed to the next Rotary Year.

Contributions from members supporting Community Service was very much appreciated and we managed to complete our program thank you all for your effort.

In Rotary
Community Chair
Harald Bartelt


Deputy Chair – PP Harald Bartelt; PP Bill O’Halloran, PP Ron Jenkins, Rona McLaughlan, Peter Little, Merle Maunder, PP Ian Richards, PP Chris Hopkins, PP Ron Turner.

Australian Rotary Health,

Chairman PDG Terry Grant attended the Rotary Hat Day on 8th October 2014. The night was a great success with 75 attending including support from Greensborough and Greensborough Central Clubs and a cheque for ~$750.00 was presented to PDG Terry Grant on behalf of Australian Rotary Health.

Project outcomes:

Alice House ($3,500):
We established a new connection with Alice House, “launched” on 17th October 2014 and the club was represented by four members. A West Heidelberg Community Project – sub projects supported were: a garden project, provision of office supplies and kitchen appliances. These are all proving to be very useful. We support a BBQ at Masters Hardware and will continue to provide a training and confidence building Programme. Money raised will build into an annual donation for Alice House.

Young and Well Co Operative Research Centre ($1,000):
A donation made following an address by Emma Birrell who appeared as a guest speaker at the club.

Books for Babies ($900):
130 children’s picture story books provided for new mums and babies at the Mercy Hospital to celebrate Literacy Month in March.

Open House – Macleod ($1,000):
Following guest speakers Ross Oldmeadow and Glenn Farrington the club provided a donation to buy / build wooden garden boxes for a community vegetable garden. One Working Bee has been held so far and 4 members helped paint the boxes. More work will be planned in 2015 -2016.

The Club donated the BBQ and volunteers to staff it at the special Sunday held at The Greenery in Heidelberg. There was also an Australian Animal Show as well as face painting and icecream. Both children and parents had a delightful visit and in doing so helped The Greenery raise money for Beyond Blue.

Work still in progress:
We are still arranging to take part in the “Community Police Officer of The Year” for 2015-16. A request was made late in the year for further support for Riding for the Disabled.” This has yet to be investigated.

It has been a very busy and rewarding year and thanks is given to all Committee members for their support.




Several of these directly related to supporting the disadvantaged in Banyule through Banyule Council programs:

  • Supporting Holiday Camps such as “Cottage By The Sea” for disadvantaged children $1,500;
  • Supporting “Toys for Tots,” a Christmas appeal with vouchers for older children in need $500;
  • Supporting a family program for mothers & children referred to as “in need” to provide support in a communal atmosphere $1,500. The Banyule Staff Officer, Sherryn Prinzi, came to speak to the club about Banyule and Disadvantage.
  • A donation was made to the Banyule Housing Support Group to purchase Emergency Kitchen Packs to help those families set up kitchens after moving into new housing. $500.
  • A staff member from the Special Olympic Games to be held in Melbourne in October spoke to the club. Her organization will need volunteer helpers. Shelley Calopa, State Fund Raising Manager and a possible competitor will speak to the club on July 15th. (This project will continue into the next Rotary Year.)
  • “Books for Babies” last held two years ago was to provide books for newborn babies at the Mercy Hospital during Literacy Week in August. Eight hundred dollars had been allocated for this. Unfortunately the District did not endorse the project for 2013_14. (This project will be considered for the next Rotary year.)
  • The decision was made to redirect this money to support Brother Harry’s “Exodus” project in West Heidelberg. A meeting with Brother Harry will identify how we can help – possibly with the Community House.) (This project will continue into the 2014 /2015 Rotary Year.)
  • As a Christmas project for the New Year we plan to set up Christmas Hampers / Toys for the Exodus project. (This project will continue into the next Rotary Year.)
  • Police Uniforms – This was a joint community project supporting the Rotary Club of Bundoora. Old uniforms were collected following changes to police uniforms. Badges were removed prior to them being donated to several African countries. We collected many boxes of shirts from the R.C, of Bundoora and many members worked diligently on them. In total we completed over 600 shirts – well done!
  • Mental Health Day in October was chosen for our “Hat Day” which was celebrated by a hat competition, dinner, and the Wandering Melody Entertainers. A cheque for $1,500 was presented to P.D.G. Alan Anderson for Rotary Mental Health. (This project will continue into the next Rotary Year.)
  • A visit is planned to “The Open House” in Watsonia to see how we can help.
  • Successful trips were made to: a) the Milk Bank at the Mercy Hospital where we presented our donation of $1,000.00 and saw the extent of this wonderful project; b) Riding For The Disabled in Viewbank to see the mounting ramp donated by the club and to arrange for repairs to a protective awning.

In all it has been a very busy year.