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Dr. Jackson Lam skin cancers specialist2

Dr. Jackson Lam

Dr. Jackson Lam obtained his MBBS from the University of Melbourne in 2009 and trained through the Austin Hospital and ...
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Avril Lunken Lymphedema Occupational Therapist & Rona McLaughlan

Avril Lunken Lymphedema Occupational Therapist

Rona McLaughlan introduced our guest speaker for the night with Avril Lunken speaking on Lymphoedema. She began her career in ...
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Kerry Butler and Gail Robertson2

Kerry Butler – Food Safety and Handling

Our guest speaker was Kerry Butler, who is Gail’s daughter. Kerry has had a few different careers in her life ...
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Peter Wiltshire and Rona McLaughlan

Peter Wiltshire – Darebin Park Ranger

Our guest speaker tonight was Peter Wiltshire who is the Darebin Creek Ranger who spoke about some nasty secrets. He ...
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DG Brian Peters Visit

Gail welcomed DG Brian Peters who spoke about returned Youth Exchange Students 16- early 20’s briefly but mentioned Tiana Lacey ...
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Alan Flint

Alan Flint – Surrounded by Money

Rona McLaughlan chairman for the night introduced our speaker, Alan Flint. Alan’s commercial life started off as a paper boy ...
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Angel Flight Guest Speakers

Reg Shiel & Warren Sparrow Chairman Don Hamilton introduced our visiting Angels, Reg Shiel and Warren Sparrow. Angel Flights is ...
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Malcolm Kerr DG district 9790

DG Malcolm Kerr

DG Malcolm Kerr spoke tonight on the RI Theme “Be the Inspiration”. A member of the Rotary Club of Cobram ...
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